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High Point Club Contests

Meats Product​

It’s that time of year again, time to showcase your club/organization’s creativity by making your signature burger! The Little I Meat Products contest will be held March 30th from 1-3 PM, with judging following promptly at 3 PM the same day. Like last year, this year’s contest is a Burger Battle. The top five winners will have their products auctioned at Little International.

Contest Rules: The Meat Products contest will be a team event representing a student club/organization. Teams consisting of three members maximum from their respective organization will be allowed. Each team will be provided 4 pounds of ground beef (1 lb. for practice, 1 lb. for judging, and 2 lb. for the auction), 4 plain white hamburger buns, and various spices by the SDSU Meat Lab. Teams cannot use their own meat, only meat provided from the SDSU Meat Lab. All extra seasonings, toppings, buns (other than the plain buns provided), or condiments will need to be supplied by your team. Along with the final burger presentation, a name, description, and recipe card of your burger will need to be included. A template will be provided for you to turn in. Two assembled burgers will be provided by each team for judging and tasting. A panel of four judges will judge the burgers. Teams will be disqualified if the preparation is not completed between 1-3 pm on the day of the contest, or if a recipe card is not provided. Teams are also responsible for rinsing their dishes or they will be disqualified (they don’t have to be fully washed and sanitized).

Registration will be open from February 28th to March 11th. Sign up HERE.

After registration closes more information will be provided to the teams about the contest. Please e-mail Liz Steever ([email protected]) or Aubrina Melville ([email protected]) with any questions.

Dairy Products

It’s time to showcase your club/organization’s creativity and make a tasty ice cream treat!

The dairy product “production” date is scheduled for March 25th in the Davis Dairy Plant and teams can sign up for a time slot of their choosing (there will be no other production days/times). Ice cream made by the clubs/organizations will be tasted by a panel of judges following the contest and the winners announced Saturday night of Little I. Each team must have a minimum of two members that represent a campus club or group (no cost to enter) and the deadline to sign up is March 11th.

Contest Rules: A white ice cream base will be provided by the Davis Dairy Plant, but each team MUST provide their own flavorings and additional ingredients. All inclusions MUST be purchased and be in a sealed, unopened container. All team members must be in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and wear proper protective clothing while working on their product.

Please sign up with the link below and include the club/organization name and members competing by March 11th.

Sign up HERE

Contact Madison Dahna or Kendra Ericson with questions.

Madison Dahna: [email protected] Kendra Ericson: [email protected]

Club Booth

Club booth is a great way for you to showcase your club(s) to the 99th Little International attendees and fellow students, as well as a great recruitment technique for the participating high school FFA students that will be visiting campus during Little “I”.

Here is the link to sign up: 99th LI Club Booth Sign-Up

The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, March 30th

Clubs can begin setting up their booth at 8:00 am on Friday, Apr. 1st in the Raven Corn Gallery

Tables will be provided

Booths will be open from 9:00 am-3:00 pm

Clubs will be responsible for their own tear down which must be done by 6:00 pm that Friday evening

This will count as 6 points towards high-point club.

We encourage you to include something interactive at your club’s booth to encourage the high school students to visit with you. This could be an activity, free candy, free merch, etc.

We also encourage you to always have at least one club member present at your club’s booth to answer questions and monitor club belongings. We are not responsible for any damages or missing property. 

Contact Kelsie Ehrenberg or Trenna Jeppesen with any questions!

[email protected] or Trenna Jeppesen at [email protected]

Seed & Forage Crop Show

The show is on March 31st (Thursday of Little I) and registration is from 12:30 to 2:30 pm in Raven Room 290. If anyone has questions contact Aubrey via email ([email protected]) or my cell phone (701-425-1649).